Chris Simon finally puts the NHL on US TV


Wow. Just wow. You know, I think Chris Simon must really, really hate Gary Bettman. Simon must really want to make Bettman look stupid and helpless. Why else would he go bonkers and do a two-handed chop worthy of Braveheart on the three-year anniversary of the Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore incident?

It wasn’t like the anniversary was going by quietly, either. Several prominent Canadian writers had pieces on Steve Moore’s current condition, including the Toronto Star’s Damian Cox — who also contributes to ESPN. That incident has not really disappeared from America’s view of hockey; instead, the average moron who doesn’t know two things about Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin knows that 1) You can get away with insane amounts of violence in the NHL 2) The league shut down for a whole year and 3) Games are broadcast on the Ted Nugent hunting channel.

Chris Simon, why the hell would you choose that very moment to lose your cool? And why the hell would you lose your cool in that way? A two-handed chop to the head? I mean, that makes Marty McSorley‘s stickwork on Donald Brashear look like a lovetap in comparison.

So, no one across the US really saw Sidney Crosby’s 99th point last night or the Florida Panthers continuing their hot streak. No, NHL highlights led with Simon trying to decapitate Ryan Hollweg. Way to be, guys. No wonder the league is looking for a new PR person.

Look, people will say Hollweg skated off on his own power. It doesn’t matter. Don’t look at the result, look at the incident. If someone breaks into my house and only steals my crappy laptop instead of my good laptop, it doesn’t mean that the crime wasn’t commited.

If the league wants to spin this into a positive — and Gary Bettman is a master at trying to spin poop into gold — they should take the opportunity to set a precedant with Simon. While there’s been so much talk about Chris Drury and Tomas Kaberle getting injured with hits to the head, this incident is leaps and bounds beyond a late hit. This is a combination of things — a hit to the head and the use of the stick as a weapon. GMs, you want to address hits to the head? Now’s the time in the most extreme fashion possible. Let it be a watershed moment where the league can say, “Look, this kind of stuff absolutely will not accepted in any degree.”

Let me make one thing clear. I’m not comparing this to Drury or Kaberle. However, with hits to the head being such a hot topic, I believe this incident provides a forum to confront the whole thing head on — and that’s a good thing.

How does this compare to Bertuzzi? Both were vicious hits to the head. Bertuzzi’s was a blindside punch to the back of the noggin. Simon’s involved using a weapon to the jaw. Bertuzzi’s however, was premeditated (fans who argue this can simply refer to the video where Bertuzzi chases Moore down the ice) whereas Simon was acting out of in-the-moment emotion.

In terms of the actual attack, you could argue one was worse than the other, but in my opinion, Simon’s was worse simply because of the fact that the stick was used like a baseball bat to the head in a check-swing motion. Still, that’s a judgment call, but I don’t think that it’s out of the realm of reason to at least put the two on par with each other in terms of intent to injure. From a league perspective, however, this is worse. Back in 2004, sure, the lockout was looming but at least the NHL was still on a known network and hadn’t imploded itself yet. Right now, the product is good but the exposure is not and now’s simply not the time for this kind of crap to happen.

With that in mind, if I was Colin Campbell, I’d suspend Simon for the rest of the season, don’t let him play the playoffs, take him out of a good chunk of next season too. While the premeditated nature of Bertuzzi’s attack makes it worse, Simon chose the wrong time to do this and the NHL has to prove that they’re serious about doing something about it. This will make Simon the fall guy, and yeah, maybe that’s not totally right, but it depends on what’s your agenda: make a strong statement now or giving it something similar to, say, Dale Hunter‘s 21 games (the Islanders have 15 games left). I’m on the side of making a stronger statement now, Don Cherry’s opinion be damned. The NHL doesn’t need this and Gary Bettman and Colin Campbell must do something to make a statement to show that losing control to this level will absolutely not be tolerated.


53 Responses to “Chris Simon finally puts the NHL on US TV”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    I think you are right. A big suspension is deserved. He knew what he was doing. He has played the game for a long time. Stick as a weapon should equal a mandatory 50 game suspension regardless of injury to the other player. Appeals heard only by the commissioner.

  2. 2 Anonymous

    Sure, blame the betmans. It worked for so many years before.

  3. 3 Nancy

    I’ve been playing hockey for 6 years now and taking plenty of hits, accidental and intentional, and dishing them out too. But not to the point of whacking someone in the face with a stick.

    Simon needs at least a 50 game suspension. The strike was bad enough, and incidents like Simon/Hollweg and Bertucci/Moore give the game a bad image. Not what you want to do to intice people to the games.

  4. 4 Anonymous

    Mike Chen must be a Ranger fan…that was not “worse” than the Berttuzi episode…as bad, long as I’ve watched the N.H.L….and I’m from toronto.and over 50yrs. old..I can tell you,this has happened over and over it right? no, but when the game is this fast, and played on total emotion it happens…relax Mike..the Rangers aren’t going anywhere…Leafs are going to the show..

  5. 5 Anonymous

    Hey Mike…what do you think???really, let’s hang him..
    You’re an Idiot.

  6. 6 Anonymous

    I am tired of hearing of the Steve Moore incident. Hockey is a sport, and as such, it involves physical play.
    It also involves a lot of adrenaline and testosterone, which in high amounts lead to the type of behaviour Mike Chen is complaining about.
    Maybe the league should hand out “moore” suspensions, and then again, maybe not.

  7. 7 Anonymous

    I like this comment: “… and I’m from toronto. and over 50yrs. old … is it right? no, but when the game is this fast, and played on total emotion it happens…relax Mike.”

    I’m nearly 60, which is probably why I agree with this. I wrote the “who is Mike Chen…” comment and stand by it. Let’s have some perspective here. Why is it everyone needs to go to jail for 50 years? The incident is awful. Fine Simon, suspend him. Make a scene, sure. But, hey, then back off. This is not the end of the world.

  8. 8 luvbrutality

    Leave Simon alone! What do we expect from hockey? This isnt figure-skating. How else can I deal with my sad life where nothing has gone right and to now take away what I like so much about sports – fights, fights and more fights!! Did you see Kobe’s elbow move! AWESOME! Anyways, sports are here for the aggressive losers in life and I dont mean it in a bad way at all. It is what it is, legal assaults!! Cant wait for the sugarcoating twisted spun logic the league is going to use to keep him in the games. I love “sports”,,,,

  9. 9 Anonymous

    Well Lets just put the bloody blame right where it belongs…..What C.Simon did is damn right wrong….. an I’m an Islander Fan……but who is really to blame for these incidents? I say the League n the officiating…neither one has done even a remotley good job lately!!!!Is Bettman looking for pansie-ass hockey or is there a true hockey game out there.Maybe if the officials weren’t so confused as to how to call a game….protect the superstar…let them kill each other in a tough fought evenly called game or do they just call what they been ordered to do…..Where does the game go now…oh yeah golf season starts soon…..break-out 12 gauge….

  10. 10 Earl Sleek

    I am impressed, Mike. Your anonymous commenters are ON FIRE today.

  11. 11 PPP

    I agree with Earl. They are in shockingly good form. When do you think that they’ll blame Hollweg for trying to bite Simon’s stick?

  12. 12 Mike Chen

    Anon #2: I’m not blaming Bettman for anything. I’m just saying that this must be Bettman’s nightmare to have an incident like this on the anniversary of the Bertuzzi incident.

  13. 13 Anonymous

    What a bunch of morons! You wanna know why this sport gets treated like it played by a bunch of backwoods dumb ass canucks…see the genius posters here who have to parade their stupidity with exclaimation points like…I’m from Toronto, yuck yuck. Ya Toronto where they ran a video tribute to that hack Tucker…a celebration of his cheap shot artistry! Ridiculous head shots like the one on Drury and Kabby and this attempted murder by Simon are why this sport will never gain a huge audience in the states… Unless the league finally lays down the law and removes this crap.

  14. 14 Anonymous

    It’s nearly 20 years now since Dino Ciccarelli went after Luke Richardson with a stick in Toronto, and gave him three pretty benign taps on the forearm with his stick. Ciccarelli spent a day in jail on assault charges. I wonder what Dino thinks about the current travesty. How Simon didn’t wake up behind bars this morning is beyond me.

  15. 15 Earl Sleek

    Are we sure that this isn’t just a marketing ploy to get more out of the synergy with the violent motion picture ‘300’?

  16. 16 slowone

    300 is a gay movie about Spartans. Then again, hockey has a homoerotic side to it,,,maybe you are right

  17. 17 merd

    Simon is a loser. Its easy to see the connections with McSorely and Bertuzzi kind of behavior. All you have to do is go back to his racist comments to (and sorry for not remembering exactly…) Anson Carter was it… someone of African descent. This guy is a waste of space and its only a matter of time til his type of player is flushed from the league. I am embarrassed that he was a member of the Avs organization. Yes, I do take into consideration that we have Scott Parker, who can blast people along with the biggest in the league… but Scott is not classless and has never cheapshotted someone or used a weapon beyond his hands… and thats plenty!

    Time for the leagueto step up and do whats right. Suspend 1/4-1/3 of the season. Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets in the NBA got how many, 16 games? for slap-punching someone who had it coming. Not nearly as bad as this infringement.

    This is assault with a weapon. Its time for Pro athletes to start acting professional and stop acting like children who can’t control themselves. People that can’t control themselves in normal society do time in jail.

    You want to modify behavior? Hit Simon in the pocketbook and his livelihood. I bet this dude doesnt know how to do anything but play hockey. Take away his ability to be an idiot. Another top 5 candidate for the poor sportsman award.

  18. 18 Scott

    And just a note – the NHL did not include the hit in their highlights from the game on

  19. 19 Anonymous

    its tree huggers like u with opinions who are to scared to play the game of hockey that are taking away the beauty of the is a combative game if you dont like it go play in your flower garden

  20. 20 Anonymous

    For too long, far too many have used the “Hockey (sports) is physical thing and things happen” excuse and people get hurt. There is a huge difference between physical contact, bruises and the occasional accident vs. downright thug type of behaviour.
    Even if the behaviour is in high excitement there is no place for “cheap shots”. You train that cheap shot injury is OK then that will be the way you “dish it out”. Train as a true honest and fair athlete and that might be the way you play! A real sickness pervades those that believe assault and inexcusable behaviour can be part of a “sport”.

  21. 21 Anonymous

    whoever said “Well Lets just put the bloody blame right where it belongs…..” – Your absolutely right. I feel like one of the very few people out there ho had the suspicion that NYR payed those refs off. The refs screwed the Isles over time and again in that game. the rangers first goal came on a BS call when the isles d man sean hill was penalized for pushing sean avery, when just moments earlier avery did the same thin if not worse to hill. The calls were poor and inconsistent the whole game, with the rangers being favored.

    My guess is that Simons actions were the culmination of this terrible officiating, after Hollweg hit him illegally from behind and there was once again no call. It turned out that Hollweg had only a cut on his chin, and im pretty sure he played a couple minutes later. But it sure was easy for Hollweg to lay on the ice like he was knocked out when he only had a cut.

    Now im not saying people players should be allowed to go around slashing people in the face, but im not blaming Simon. If the league wants these incidents to go away it definatly needs to fix its officiating problems. Especially for a rivalry like Isles Rangers.

  22. 22 Anonymous

    Who is Chen? Hockey is not a “correct” sport, when you step on the ice, you subject yourself to anything. It is not an American sport, thus they don’t understand it. I have played in the NHL for three years, a long time ago.

  23. 23 Mike Chen

    “its tree huggers like u with opinions who are to scared to play the game of hockey that are taking away the beauty of the game”

    Point 1: I actually do play hockey. Every week in fact. I’m not too bad of a skater but I can’t shoot worth crap. Pretty good passer, though, and I’m defensively responsible.

    Point 2: Is the beauty of the game smashing someone in the face with a stick or is it Alex Ovechkin scoring a goal on his back? I’m with the latter.

  24. 24 Anonymous

    My dad used to play hockey when i was a kid (60’s) but I don’t even watch it anymore. It’s gotten out of control. What ever happened to good sportsman like conduct ?

  25. 25 Anonymous

    While a suspension is deserved, I think one needs to look at the reasons why incidents like McSorley, Bertuzzi, and now Simon are occurring. If the NHL wasn’t so damn concerned with making the game “fan-friendly” in the US by virtually eliminating fighting, these incidents wouldn’t occur. If Brashear/Moore didn’t continually try to skate away from fights, those incidents wouldn’t have happened. Why Simon didn’t drop the gloves and start dummying Hollweg I have no clue, but one must assume it has to do with instigator rule and continued frowning upon a one-sided fight in the NHL head office.

    Ice hockey is the only major sport in North America where every player on the playing surface is carrying a potential weapon. In my opinion, they should be ENCOURAGING fighting exactly so these incidents do NOT occur. It’s part of the game, it’s been part of the game since 1900, and the fact remains that the players must police themselves on the ice. Imagine if lacrosse banned fighting…. that would be ugly. The NHL is going the same way.

    The stupidest part is that this movement has occured in an effort to entice the “casual fan” in the US. These are fans that have no natural connection to ice hockey. Try as they might, the NHL will not be able to get hockey into the NFL, MLB, or even NBA level of sports. So fix the game, make it the way it should be, and let the true fans (both Canadian AND US) enjoy our game the way it is meant to be played.

    I’m not defending Simon at all – it was a cheap shot, and he deserves punishment – but why don’t we ask ourselves why we get these incidents?

  26. 26 Hustle

    Are you kidding me???

    Simon reacted in split seconds after he was hammered head-first into the boards…where was the penalty??

    I would have , and have done the the same on the ice when guys like Moore and Hollweg start that B.S.
    Steve Moore tried to end Naslunds career and Hollweg came close to breaking Simons neck.

    Simon is a meathead, but he was protecting himself because the NHL won’t.

  27. 27 Anonymous

    the hit on simon was not clean. simon answered the way the bull fighting channel viewers would expect.blame it on the refs they are asking for this type of behaviour for all the non calls. its a garage league by the way im a leafs fan

  28. 28 Anonymous

    How about criminal charges for Chris Simon? Seems to me that’s what’s really appropriate in circumstances like this.

  29. 29 Anonymous

    To all those who think stuff like that has a place in the game: Your cavemen driven by your primitive need for violence.

    To all those who think that hit has no place in the game: Your pansies, go back to your water polo and ping-pong.

  30. 30 Anonymous

    he was hit from behind straight into the boards he could have broke his neck

  31. 31 topsailgolf

    Hollweg’s hit was a shoulder-to-shoulder hit that you see 50 times a game. Simon turned to the boards, so it looked worse than it was. You want to argue it was a penalty? I don’t agree, but fine. But a 2-minute minor does not rate one of the worst cheap shots I can ever remember.

  32. 32 topsailgolf

    To the anonymous poster who said the following, “It turned out that Hollweg had only a cut on his chin, and im pretty sure he played a couple minutes later. But it sure was easy for Hollweg to lay on the ice like he was knocked out when he only had a cut”, I say this: let Hollweg take his stick and smash your chin with it. Then we’ll see how cavalier you are.

  33. 33 Anonymous

    Mike,the beauty of the game is the sting of the fresh air in the lungs,friendships knowing what you can do against other men knowing what your capabilities are how fast your reactions are that is the beauty of it knowing youself.As far as the comment posted about it not being an american game its not and sadly it is being americanized by the american parent.Meaning one day there will be know fighting and no slapshots taken and everbody will be skating forward cuz alot of american rinks are banning slapshots at all levels and backward skating. skills that are needed at the youth levels.

  34. 34 Anonymous

    Suspension???? He should be barred from playing in the NHL FOREVER!!!
    I’m getting sick and tired of professional athletes being given “one more chance”…then another chance…then another (we know the drill). They are supposed to be setting an example for our youth!

  35. 35 Anonymous

    Mike Chen: “Look, people will say Hollweg skated off on his own power. It doesn’t matter. Don’t look at the result, look at the incident. If someone breaks into my house and only steals my crappy laptop instead of my good laptop, it doesn’t mean that the crime wasn’t commited.”

    Sorry to break the news to Mike, but it DOES matter. If someone stole something worth $30 from your house or $30,000 from your house they would be charged with crimes reflecting the different amount of damage suffered (one might be a misdemeanor; one might be a felony; the maximum and minimum sentence if convicted would be different).

    Mr. Bettman should take his lead from W. S. Gilbert:

    “His object all sublime
    He will achieve in time —
    To let the punishment fit the crime —
    The punishment fit the crime;
    And make each prisoner pent
    Unwillingly represent
    A source of innocent merriment!
    Of innocent merriment!”

  36. 36 Anonymous

    I think Bettman should take the bull by the horns here and tell Simon that he can hang up his skates and never return to the NHL. This is a professional league and that was one of the most unprofessional acts of reckless endangerment seen in the rink. If I did this I’d be sitting in jail!

  37. 37 Anonymous

    There is enough damage being done from inside hockey by some players, officiating and Bettman and his allies. Hockey is a great sport, support its success not its decline. There should be tough players protecting the skilled players, or the skilled players are going to get hurt. Need to protect your teammate from excessive actions,then go after the opposition, cleanly, and put a stop to the excessive actions. But it seems the players are getting assaulted by thugs that can ice skate. Crush the opposition into the boards, cleanly, that is the game. Wacking a player in the face with your stick is demeaning to the game.

  38. 38 Lisa

    I would certainly compare this latest stick incident as bad as McSorely and the others. Luckily, the injuries weren’t very bad. They certainly could’ve been much worse and that’s what he should be held accountable for. Don’t get me wrong, part of the reason I love hockey so much is the fights, but it’s the fist fights. If I want to see stick and such being used in fights, I’ll watch some wrestling.

  39. 39 Anonymous

    Mike Chen is a sissy boy parading as a hockey expert. He knows loads about hockey since he plays bottom level no check family league games, RIGHT. LOL

    As for Bettman I dont give a crap about him in the least! He needs to go back to the thug bouncing ball league. He should take his pansy rules with him TOO!

  40. 40 Anonymous

    When the league introduced the instigator rule we were assured that the extra referee was going to police all of the chippy behavior that trails behind a play. The referees either can’t or won’t do the job. The league must figure out a solution. Either drop the instigator rule or make it a reviewable penalty because the system is not working. I can’t believe some genius is defending Bettman the minute you did that you lost all credibility.

  41. 41 Mike Chen

    “Mike Chen is a sissy boy parading as a hockey expert. He knows loads about hockey since he plays bottom level no check family league games, RIGHT. LOL”

    Well, geez, cut me SOME slack — I mean, playing beer league hockey is better than being some fat-ass sportswriter who doesn’t play the game, right?

  42. 42 Anonymous

    meh 50 games is outrageous for a CROSSCHECK ! its not Simon’s fault he is twice the size of Hollweg. just a simple crosscheck that Hollweg happened to take on the chin…dangerous, absolutely, but unintentional.

    again, if you know anything about Hockey then you know that the problem is OFFICIATING…Hollweg should have been whistled for boarding Simon in the first place…if the whistle goes and Simon knows he can take one for the team and they get the power play, there is no incident…instead, no whistle on a dangerous boarding or checking from behind and you get retaliation, no question about it…

    this play could have gone the other way easily if Hollweg was bigger and Simon was smaller…Simon could have been paralyzed or something horrific, but because Simon is Simon you want to crucify him…

    Chen you get paid to create controversy and Simon’s crosscheck makes for good copy, but since you play the game and all, how exactly do you figure you are doing the game a service by your own blatant grandstanding on this issue ?

    as long as you get paid right ?

  43. 43 The Acid Queen

    Gotta love it–anytime somebody decries a cheapshot, the knuckle-draggers from have to come out of the woodwork and start showing their asses (and embarrassing those of us who like a little fight with our hockey rather than the other way around).

    But there’s a simple solution to crap like this: turf the Instigator Rule.

  44. 44 Anonymous

    This incident is very unfortunate. Chris Simon is wrong for doing it. He deserves a suspension. It was done in the heat of battle. I dont believe at all this is equivalent to the Bertuzzi incident. Ryan Hollweg is a player that takes runs at people and appears to me is always trying to hurt other players. That being said he still did not deserve to be hit with the stick. Either way I am tired of the so called commentators wanting to jump on the bandwagon. Just report the story. Why dont you do a story on the NFL where players have actually been involved in shootings and murders. The most recent one paralyzing an innocent man in Las Vegas. If anyone should be banned from a sport or face the law like an average citizen it is these scabs of society. Get with it

  45. 45 Anonymous

    I think he deserves a life time ban from NHL. Clean up the act. Other profesional leagues like NFL and NBA are doing it. Why not NHL?

  46. 46 Anonymous

    could be considered Attempted Murder in some circles

  47. 47 Anonymous

    My son is playing hockey Mitey Mites and I want this to be a positive experience, we have explained about the sport and the fights etc. but this is outrageous. My husband may or maynot agree, he is from up north and has played hockey all his life but that is the rule you never use your stick that high, I love hockey including the altercations but I think this is too far, my son watched this and it bothered him. We should set some example for younger kids watching this, if not they will think anything goes in hockey. I do not know what is the right example to set. Maybe suspension or if this person continually has caused problems maybe banning him. ????

  48. 48 Anonymous

    “Sports are here for aggressive losers in life?” To this blog’s contributor “Luvbrutality”: I hope you’re not serious otherwise you’re just reaffirming the notion that Americans (and the rest of the world) have about hockey-crazed Canucks.

    Incidents like those of Simon, Bertuzzi, Hunter, McSorley or Wayne Maki go back over the past 40 or so years. Those with brains and intellect frozen from being around too many hockey rinks ought to take a look at other sports. Ice hockey is the only sport in the world that tolerates violence with “minor” and “major” penalties.

    – “Hockey is by nature of its speed and hitting and use of sticks, a violent sport.”

    Most sporting pundits agree that rugby is by far the most “violent” game within the rules of team sport. Women’s field and ice hockey and both men’s box and field lacrosse use sticks and you don’t see the wanton out-of-control violence in those sports. Sure hockey is played on ice and that makes it extremely fast, but so what? North American football, Australian Rules Football, and rugby all have hitting/checking and a decent amount of speed.

    Europeans have been playing hockey for decades now and they generally play it with more finesse and skill than most North Americans. I’ve heard a multitude of overplayed convenient excuses to support an old attitude that fighting is “part of the game” and if you don’t like it then you’re a wimp or don’t understand the game. I’d rather watch a Crosby, Ovechkin, Lemieux, Gretzky, Lafleur, Bossy, Trottier, Dionne, Coffey, Potvin, Hull, Orr, Beliveau and a host of other elite hockey players. For “luvbrutality” and others of similar attitude, I can suggest a US Marine boot camp or some time in Afghanistan or Iraq (or any prison) might be a good outlet.

    -“Yes, but hockey is an emotional game…”

    Who remembers the outrage of this past summer’s World Cup when Zidane head-butted Italy’s Materazzi in the chest and likely caused France a shot at winning in the final? He wasn’t sent to the “penalty box”, but was thrown out of the game immediately. You think there was some emotion involved in his action and play? Sports are played with passion and emotion by all who “play the game” and at the professional level, the skill and emotions are more focused and obvious. It is certainly more scrutinized by the paying public – ever see a player booed who was playing below his/her potential?

    Ever notice how players argue with hockey officials? That isn’t tolerated in other sports (sure, baseball managers sometimes get into theatrics with umpires occasionally). It’s not about negotiation; start by respecting the decision of the on ice officials (and yes, I know they make mistakes missing some calls and goals etc.) but for flagrant fouls, very seldom do they miss making the call.

    It’s as much the media’s fault for not taking a stand against fighting in hockey and refusing to televise these incidents as it is the league’s for not handing out disciplinary action similar to other major North American sports (football, baseball and basketball). Bench clearing brawls (baseball, basketball) are usually looked on with much disdain and the exception rather than the expectation. Not so with hockey.

    Mike Chen is spot on. And Chris Simon has even admitted, “there is absolutely no place in hockey for what I did.”

    Never mind the punishment. Chris Simon is as much a “victim” of the expectations of the league, the fans, and the society that doesn’t stop the stupidity of fighting and violence.

    When the league changes the rules and eliminates fighting from hockey (no more “2 minute roughing” penalties and “5 minute fighting penalties”), then maybe escalating fighting into violence and vengeful incidents like Simon, Bertuzzi, Hunter et al will cease. The idea of the “enforcer” is about as current as “goon hockey” popularized by Slap Shot’s Hanson brothers. “Dance with your gloves off” and you’re out and suspended without pay and there’s no discussion. Fighting is not a hockey skill taught anywhere except in Don Cherry videos (there’s a cheapshot).

    The Lady Byng Trophy shouldn’t be an exception but rather the expectation for play. Our kid’s heroes should be viewed as both professional hockey players and suitable role models. The hockey world’s valued commodities (emotional immaturity, violent streaks, and fighting ability) omnipresent in (Canadian) junior hockey and the minor pro leagues AHL, ECHL etc. must also stop. It’s time for NHL players, coaches, scouts and the league administration of the sport’s power base to bring the sport into the 21st century. Fighting isn’t part of the game.

    From another 50+ year old who grew up in TO.

  49. 49 Anonymous

    I am glad the punishment was so harsh but I agree take it out of his checkbook and fine the team as well once that happens these things wont happen as much. I really wish bertuzzi could never play again.. since moore cannot play anymore bertuzzi should have been banned from the game

  50. 50 Anonymous

    Simon should have gotten more!

    There’s some good discussion on this over at

  51. 51 FAUXRUMORS 2

    1) Simon got hosed! he deserved a suspension yes, but so did Hollweg! Simon was injured on his cheap shot into the boards even if the refs missed it.
    2) Hollweg has a history of this. He was suspended last year for 3 games for nailing Flyers Umberger for a hit from behind. Sound familar?
    3) Hollwg was NOT injured, Simon was! Amazing, but typical of the NHL

  52. 52 Robert L

    Still no one mentions Doug Weight swinging his stick at Mike Komisarek’s head three days later.

    The NHL only penalizes such fouls when the exposure warrants it.

  53. 53 Robert L

    Here’s a link to the Weight – Komisarek incident.

    Should Komisarek’s ability to duck this chop get Weight off? Evidently it did!

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