Semi, kinda, pseudo, not really liveblogging


It’s 6:23 AM on trade deadline day! Woo hoo! And I’ve got to write about…mobile content backup and storage for a client. Sounds like fun, huh? Well, I’ve got too many meetings and stuff that pays the bills to be liveblogging, but this post will be updated at various times for any thoughts about big deals.

I have a 10 – 11 meeting today. Who’s the dumbass that scheduled that one on trade deadline day?

In any case, I’ll be posting thoughts here, so check back periodically. However, for full coverage, go to Kukla, Mirtle, or Spector.

Thought #1:
Jason Williams might never be a 40-goal guy but he’s just a hair younger than Kyle Calder and has a bit more natural skill. He’ll be a solid second-line guy for the Hawks, if not more. Assuming Michael Handzus and Martin Havlat will have healthy seasons next year, the Hawks will finally finally finally have just a tiny bit of depth up front. Not a ton, but it’s better than nothing.

Thought #2:
It looks like Gary Roberts agreed to waive his NTC. Something about mentoring the best player of the next generation probably appealed to him. It’s not like he’d ever get that chance again. Great move by the Pens, as this could only help steady their young team.

You know, if Roberts gets hold of that locker room and really gets all that talent to focus and be consistent, don’t you think they might be able to get on a roll and be a sleeper pick out of the east?

Thought #3: Update 9:02 AM
Sabres fans, here’s something for you to remember Martin Biron by. Philly fans, cue the Rocky theme.

Thought #4: Update 9:08 AM

Thought #5: Update 11:34 AM
Anyone want to put a few coins down on how many games Todd Bertuzzi will actually play for Detroit? This seems like kind of a strange move, but I suppose the Wings wanted to add the requisite “grit” that seems to have caused them problems in the past few playoff seasons. Of course, Bertuzzi has to actually skate first.

Thought #6: Update 12:36 AM
Ryan Smyth to the Isles without getting Jason Blake in return. Gun stores in Edmonton suddenly spike in sales. On Long Island, they get the anti-Yashin — tough, consistent, and a true leader. Does that make Yashin a better player?


5 Responses to “Semi, kinda, pseudo, not really liveblogging”

  1. 1 Bryce

    So, Billy on the second line bumping Steve down?

    Then again, he had good chemistry with Joe in boston.

    it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  2. 2 Mike Chen

    I think you have to start with:


  3. 3 hoopsjunky

    I’m hating the Sharks right now.

    I really hope we don’t meet you guys in the first round.

  4. 4 Earl Sleek

    But which Shark will Bill Guerin attempt to injure during his first scrimmage? That’s important when projecting lineups.

  5. 5 Mike Chen

    It’ll probably be Mark Bell shooting the puck at Guerin after shooting some vodka.

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