Way overdue update for Crappy Player Pick ‘Em


Apologies all around, I know I’m way overdue for an update to the Crappy Player Pick ‘Em. The leaderboard is now updated and we can all see that Eric Perrin, who was pulling up the rear before 2006 ended, has springboarded to the top. Similar to how the Lightning started off crappy and now are contending for the division title, Perrin wasn’t getting a lot of playing time but now he’s on the special teams and ripping up his fellow Crappy Players.

Todd Marchant is within striking distance but he’s been bitten by the injury bug. Sorry Todd, there’s no sympathy here — better bug the boys for some ice time with Andy MacDonald and Teemu Selanne if you want to catch up.

Alanah and Jes were very confident in their respective picks of Dan Hinote and Branco Radivojevic who have been decidedly middle-of-the-road Crappy Players. I guess that just means that they’ll have to focus on Robert Luongo being god-like (having four arms will help out with the whole goaltending thing) like their fellow Canucks fans.

Pulling up the rear, Jeff Friesen has finally managed to come close to breaking the double-digit mark. Only 60 more points and you’ll meet up to the expectations given to you when you were traded for Teemu Selanne. Good job, Freeze.

My pick, Wayne Primeau, has been moved to Calgary and that has affected his motivation. You know, the whole packing and unpacking and dealing with moving vans and stuff. That explains why he’s dropped from the top third to the middle of the pack.

Anyways, check out the latest standings to see how your player is doing with The Best of the Worst.

In real news, Keith Tkachuk was traded to Atlanta today. Finally, the Thrashers have some second-line depth to go with Marian Hossa, Ilya Kovalchuk, and Slava Kozlov. Combined with getting Alexei Zhitnik and I think the Thrash have helped themselves tremendously. Check out The Falconer for local analysis.


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