Please stop the crazy Forsberg rumors!


Peter Forsberg will get traded most likely. But, as Jim Kelley of Sportsnet puts it, some of the crap being thrown about right now is nuts (thanks to Kukla’s Korner for the find):

The Buzz: Rumoured reports (seemingly the only kind left in the world of hockey these days) have it that Flyers Semi Interim General Manager Paul Holmgren has an offer for Peter Forsberg in his back pocket from Nashville that includes two first-round draft picks and emerging star forward Alexander Radulov.
The BACKHAND: Yeah and if you believe that you probably believe that Internet bloggers who refuse to put their name to their work are legitimate journalists.

Now, if you want a measuring stick for rent-a-players, you can look at Ladislav Nagy. Here’s a guy who’s in his prime, who’s got a reputation for being soft but talented, and is a UFA. Nagy cost a first rounder and a mediocre prospect.

Forsberg is old, injury prone, and supremely talented — and a UFA next season that commits to nothing. Is he worth more than twice what Nagy is? Talent-wise, sure, but if you factor in all the other stuff, there’s no way Forsberg’s pulling in two first rounders and a guy who would be a Calder candidate in most years.

If this was Joe Sakic we were talking about or someone else who had a clean bill of health, then maybe, just maybe you’d have a 1st rounder/top prospect with a conditional extra pick if he signs. But Forsberg’s completely unpredictable besides his talent. For a team like Nashville — a team that has been more than patient with a picks in the past — throwing away a bluechipper who could contribute on his own right for a player that could get hurt two games into the playoffs is pretty unbelievable.

My guess is that everyone will kick the tires on Forsberg (and hopefully not break his ankles in the process) but ultimately, Philly will get a 3rd/4th liner, a first rounder, and a medium-level prospect at best OR a top-level prospect and a 2nd round pick.

What do you think Forsberg will go for? Feel free to speculate away in the comments.


One Response to “Please stop the crazy Forsberg rumors!”

  1. 1 Stevens8204

    Forsberg will go when he wants to….if he does get traded…probably for a first rounder and 1 ready made younger player and little else. I see the Ducks coming in and dealing one of their youngsters and a pick. Anaheim and Detroit seem to be frontrunners but the rumors are just out of control.

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