The true form of LUON-GOD


Zanstorm over at Waiting for Stanley created a very disturbing picture of Roberto Luongo and Taylor Pyatt in a naked religious moment. This is the dawning of the age of LUON-GOD.

However, I’ve discovered an ancient secret about LUON-GOD. There’s a reason why LUON-GOD makes so many saves. It’s not just speed or strength or positioning. No, LUON-GOD has something other goalies don’t have…extra appendages:

Worship LUON-GOD — or fear his four-armed wrath! Zanstorm, JJ, Alanah, and all you other Canucks bloggers, eat your heart out.


3 Responses to “The true form of LUON-GOD”

  1. 1 alanah

    That is so disturbing. Yet I still want it blown up poster size and hanging on my living room wall.

  2. 2 hoopsjunky

    If he takes us to the promised land, I might do the same.

  3. 3 The Forechecker

    That is too funny, I was actually going to use a similar pic (sans Photoshopping) for my post today about goaltending during shootouts…

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