Not quite GQ


Because I am a moron who still has a comatose Blackhawk fan on life support inside, I went by the official Hawks website today. Many teams have used a new format this season of a main window that scrolls between stories on the left and a picture of a player on the right. The player pictures, as logic would dictate, generally show a high-res action shot that sells the sport of hockey and gives a nice view of the player.

The Hawks, though, know a thing or two about selling hockey to their fans. They decided to try something completely different and dress up their players in GQ-style fashion shots. Since there’s only about six Blackhawks fans left on the planet, I’m probably hit #4 on their traffic counter, so I figured I’d give the Hawks a little more publicity. Here’s Martin Havlat as you’ve never really cared to see him before:

Generally, action shots of hockey players make them look pretty badass. Here, Havlat just looks like a tourist slinking down to the downtown bar with his Euro-mullet ready to seduce the ladies. Also, note the skates that look completely Photoshopped in and the generally confused expression on his face. Nothing says hockey like an awkwardly posed guy in a black suit.


One Response to “Not quite GQ”

  1. 1 Jordi

    … I find it attractive. *crawls away*

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