Lindros shills for a free iPod


You know those annoying web ads that pose as stupid interactive mini-games like whack-a-mole? Well, I came across this randomly surfing the other day:

These things are usually some sort of click-through pyramid scheme (I once read an article about getting a free XBOX360 on one of these; the writer documented that he went through several levels of creating dozens fake email addresses to sign up for stuff and pass things along — in all, he did get his free XBOX360 but he wasted 8 hours of his life, so it’s all about time or money, whatever’s more important to you), but I thought it was funny that of all the things to feature, why Eric Lindros shooting on generic Columbus Blue Jackets goalie?

I’m guessing this isn’t officially sponsored by the NHL or NHLPA. They talk about growing the game and I suppose in a really roundabout way, this could be considered a sign of progress. After all, it’s not Kobe Bryant shooting for the free iPod, right?

Either that, or maybe the guy who works for the advertising company is a Dallas Stars fan.


One Response to “Lindros shills for a free iPod”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    I’ve actually seen that ad on my e-mail server site for awhile now. I also see alot of ads featuring Cristobal Huet shelling for eBay.

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