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Jes Golbez is getting me back for the “5 Weird Things” meme from a while back with the latest craze to hit the Internets: If I Were a Hockey Player! Jes was able to use a custom player from NHL 2007 (or 2K7, I can’t tell), but unfortunately I’m a console person and can’t screencap […]

The results are in and people around the NHL are pretty satisfied with the new “uniform system” that had its debut at the All-Star Game. Every team will have a few tweaks to their jerseys next season and through my super-secret insider contacts, I’ve managed to get a few sneak peaks at the new look […]

Not quite GQ


Because I am a moron who still has a comatose Blackhawk fan on life support inside, I went by the official Hawks website today. Many teams have used a new format this season of a main window that scrolls between stories on the left and a picture of a player on the right. The player […]

Since I did my amateur statistician analysis of attendance, why not tackle the inevitable TV ratings issue? It’s All-Star time, which means it’s time for the annual Gary Bettman smoke-and-mirrors show when it comes to the state of the game. You know, the part where Bettman spins every number on the planet — even the […]

Several readers requested a different version of the table in the last post, this time with attendance numbers instead of percentage capacity, so here you go courtesy of Excel!The logic in the last post of using percentage capacity vs. attendance numbers is that some arenas, like Anaheim and San Jose, only hold about 17,000 whereas […]

With Nashville Predators owner Craig Leipold in the press this week talking about his team’s soft attendance, all of the contraction-mongers are out and about talking about bad markets, bad attendance, bad everything. Thing is, a lot of those people have valid points…but a lot of those people are off the mark as well. In […]

Last night’s spectacular performance by Peter Budaj only showed the national Versus-watching audience (insert your own joke here) what Avs fans have known for some time — Peter Budaj is Colorado’s goaltending solution, not Jose Theodore. It’s not just numbers, though Budaj’s 2.58 GAA and .909 save percentage are considerably better than Theodore’s. No, it’s […]