Seriously…Martin Gerber sucks!


I’ve got the Blue Jackets/Senators game on in the background while writing a brochure, so even though I’m not paying attention to the whole game, I do look up from my laptop whenever scoring chances occur. I know that Martin Gerber‘s had some problems this season, but dear lord, he looks absolutely awful. There’s 16 minutes left in the second period and already:

  • Gerber bobbled the puck behind the net, allowing it to go straight to Rick Nash to tap into an empty net.
  • Gerber didn’t square up to the puck when it was sent in front to Rick Nash (with Fredrick Modin standing off to the corner).
  • Gerber just plain missed when Dan Fritsche fired off a shot right past the blue line.

I suppose stuff like this just makes Ray Emery laugh about how he has job security, but in the long run, the Sens are losing valuable points because of completely sucky goaltending. Hell, I’d rather take my beer league goalie over Gerber at this point.

If I’m John Muckler, I’d try and recruit a sumo wrestler to be my #2 goalie. Just having the big boy stand there in front of the net would be more effective than a Gerber with no confidence and horrible timing right now.


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