The Legion is Doomed


(this was originally posted a few weeks ago on v1.0 of this blog. I’m just trying to port over some of the more recent posts for some continuity.)

Has it really been a full freakin’ decade since The Legion of Doom (Eric Lindros, John Leclair, Mikael Renberg) terrorized the NHL? With their combination of size, skill, skating, and more size, the Legion was the apex of the Lindros-captained Flyers. Today, John Leclair got put on waivers, capping off the total fall from grace of one of the NHL’s coolest nicknames (and probably the only one to be used both by supervillains and a wrestling tag team).

Eric Lindros
Remember when Lindros was unstoppable? He’d kick the crap out of the one defenseman, then skate around the other one and score. Lindros’ peak with the Flyers was the collective years between 1995 and 1999, where he averaged about 1.25 points per game. Many concussions later, Lindros is essentially a 3rd liner in Dallas on pace for just 50 points or so — and that’s IF he stays healthy. His speed is gone, his body is brittle, and his head is jell-o. Ah, for the good ol’ days of EA Sports Cyber-Lindros bashing heads to the sounds of The Scorpions. Sadly, Lindros no longer rocks like a hurricane.

John Leclair
Leclair was the master of the garbage goal. He planted his fat ass in front of the crease, waited for the puck to bounce off someone and BOOM, into the net it went. Leclair was so awesome at this that he scored 50 goals three straight seasons. Like Lindros, the peak of Leclair’s game came during 1995 and 1999 when he always scored between 40 and 50 goals. Never fleet of foot, Leclair also had tons of back problems, probably from constantly getting cross-checked by folks like Darius Kasparaitus. Still, he managed to put in 20 goals on a god-awful Penguins team last season, but this year he’s just dead weight on the 4th line.

Mikael Renberg
How awesome was Mikael Renberg at the beginning of his career? The dude had 82 points his rookie season! Not too shabby, but his numbers failed to match that again. Still, he was part of the Flyers team that dominated in the mid 90s until he got traded to the then-lowly Tampa Bay Lightning in 1997 for Chris Gratton. Since then, he put up some decent numbers with the Maple Leafs; the past few seasons, Renberg’s been hanging out in Sweden with more concern for raising his kids in his native country than earning big NHL bucks.

I’m sure Lindros sits back in his Dallas pad, thinks about the LOD days and says to himself, “Good times. Good times…”

To quote Hawk and Animal…AHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT A RUSH!


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