Crappy Player Pick ‘Em Update


The Crappy Player Pick ‘Em (updated leaderboard on the right side) is nothing if not an exercise in sheer luck. Yes sir, the players involved here aren’t going to challenge for any trophies soon, so any sort of hot streak means that they can rocket straight to the top (or near the top) of the leaderboard. Case in point: Eric Perrin, the pick of John from BoltsMag. For damn near forever, Perrin did next to nothing for the Bolts even though he got some ice time on the penalty kill. In fact, Perrin only had one point in all of October, making John look like he was blinded by a homer pick.

Well, count me impressed. In the month of November, Perrin decided that he could be about half as good as his buddy Marty St. Louis (instead of 1% as good) and put 10 points (6 goals, 4 assists), pushing him near the top of the Crappy Player Pick ‘Em. I don’t know if John went down to the St. Pete Times Forum and whispered in his ear about our little competition, but something motivated Perrin’s resurgence — and I like to think that it might have had a little something to do with his jealousy of Chad Kilger and Todd Marchant.

As for the master of suck that is Jeff Friesen, my god, how he has fallen. Nostalgic Sharks fans STILL wear his jersey around, and I even saw one going to the movies with my dad the other day. Consider how Jeff Friesen’s stock has dropped:

1994-2001: Potential future captain and all-star for the Sharks
2001: Traded to Anaheim for future hall-of-famer Teemu Selanne
2002: Traded to New Jersey for first-liner Petr Sykora
2005: Traded to Washington for a conditional pick (but this was part of NJ’s salary cap issues — still, they elected to lose him over other players)
2006: Traded back to Anaheim for a 2nd round pick
2006: Signed with Calgary for $1.6 million

Mr. Freeze has got to be one of the greatest Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda players over the past 15 years. His speed was always so awesome, but his hands were always a tiny bit off and they seemed to get way worse over time. As former Sharks commentator Drew Remenda once put it (on a broadcast last year, no less), “Freeze ALWAYS tried that stupid Beanpot move and it never worked.” The move in question is a deke move that Tony Amonte and several other Boston-born players did really well but Friesen could never master. Hey, at least he has a Stanley Cup and a “Silicon Valley’s Sexiest Athlete” award from the late 90’s to make him feel better.

At the bottom of the leaderboard, Rob‘s pick of Erik Rasmussen is having the exact effect he wanted. Problem is, Rob misunderstood what the goal was — he thought that he was supposed to pick the player LEAST likely to score, not the crappy player who would put up the most points. Of course, this is just an exhibition, so no big deal there, but it’s something to keep in mind when looking at next season’s competition. What do you guys think is better?

  • Pick a requisite 3rd/4th liner to see who scores the most despite a lack of talent?
  • Pick a requisite 3rd/4th liner and see who scores the LEAST but gets the most ice time/games played?

If this proves to be popular/amusing enough, I think I might dangle a gift certificate to the winner or something, so be careful what you support — it could possibly win or lose you $40!


4 Responses to “Crappy Player Pick ‘Em Update”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Friesen is the Jim Carey (the Caps goalie, Vezina winner, ‘member him?) of forwards: great early career until the book came out on him. For Freeze, I think the book was short: “He’ll try a shoulder-drop deek, then shoot. Doesn’t use his line-mates.”

    He never struck me as the brightest bulb in the light fixture. He worked his butt off, and put a lot of pressure on himself to be an elite forward, but I just don’t think he could adjust his game once it was scouted and analyzed.

    He was fun to root for, though, especially when your other options were Craig Janney and Ray Sheppard (aka “carcinoma” and “melanoma”).

  2. 2 VeryProudofYa

    Marchant has the luxury of inflating his totals with empty net points.

    Just off of the top of my head I can recall three points 2G and an A that he’s gotten on pucks headed for the empty basket.

  3. 3 Earl Sleek

    Just off of the top of my head I can recall three points 2G and an A that he’s gotten on pucks headed for the empty basket.

    That’s all he’s gotten for the year thus far (into the empty net), but yeah, that’s a stinker for this contest.

    I remember back when I would look at Calgary box scores earlier this year, hoping that Friesen didn’t milk his way into a second assist. Heh, it’s not even worth looking any more.

  4. 4 Earl Sleek

    Yee ha! Rasmussen scored in back-to-back games?!

    Way to stay (almost scoreless), Mr. Freeze!

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