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Man, how bad have things gotten over in Philly? This was on today’s home page: Washington: “Find out more about one of our hard-working players!”Anaheim: “Meet Dustin Penner, a great young forward with a bright future!”Ottawa: “Get to know one of our newest defensemen!”Philly: “Um…we used to be pretty good, so let’s talk about […]

So, um, anyone check out Fox Sports’ NHL page lately? You might have seen this…The rumors are true. I’ve sold out to the man AKA Fox Sports. It’s important to note that Fox Sports is a different division from the freaky people at Fox News, so I haven’t totally turned to the dark side yet. […]

No, I’m not referring to the awful movie with Bruce Willis and a speedboat. I’m talking about the standings — more importantly, which teams still realistically have a chance at the playoffs. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a firm believer that Festivus (or Christmas for you more traditional readers) marks the point of no return […]

Happy Festivus!


Ok, so Festivus is traditionally celebrated on the 23rd, but I wanted to squeeze this in on the last work day before the holidays. If you don’t know the traditions of Festivus, there is an important moment where the Airing of the Grievances (telling everyone how they’ve disappointed you) and the Feats of Strength (a […]

Mad props to Michael from Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic. Our favorite Pens fan (who’s probably crying about the Isle of Capri mess right now) was kind of enough to send more angry Gretzky photos. Check it out: (Said in my best Homer Simpson as Incredible Hulk voice) “Wayne mad! “ “Wayne smash!”“Get revenge on […]

A wise little green dude once said… Fear leads to anger.Anger leads to hate.Hate leads to suffering. Someone should tell Wayne Gretzky to watch Star Wars (yeah, yeah, this quote came out of the awful Phantom Menace, but he should just fast forward to the wicked lightsaber battles and the quote from Yoda) because our […]

Jeremy Roenick‘s getting a lot of bad press lately, and rightfully so. I mean, I don’t care who you are — you could be the a hockey god cloned from the genes of Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr, that still doesn’t mean that you walk out on your team to go have a beer. Somehow, […]